Vaihtelu Museum
Vaihtelu is a conceptual rebrand for a Helsinki-based Natural History Museum that encourages its guests to immerse themselves in the beauty nature our planet has to offer whilst highlighting the imminent threat and impact of climate change. The concept behind this brand is 'our past, present and future.'
The Vaihtelu logo which says Finnish Museum of Natural History underneath
Vaihtelu translates to fluctuation in Finnish. So the idea behind the name was referencing the natural changes and cycles our planet goes through. This is reflected in the wavy treatment of the V in the logo.
A set of 3 banners alternating red and blue in front of a museum advertising the History of Life Exhibition
A sense of curiosity and immersion is created through a questioning tone of voice and by creating a tactile experience in which hidden messages and information are revealed.
(Drag the slider from the middle to the left or right to reveal)
4 app pages of the Vaihtelu app showing the user journey to the audio guided AR tour