Trekker Magazine
Trekker is a unique travel magazine concept for Time-Out, whose aim is to move away from its current conventional glossy style and instead reflect its experimental, non-conformist roots. This first edition is titled 'Unconventional Travel Destinations.' The concept behind this edition is 'Off The Beaten Track.'
Trekker magazine front cover which is purple, orange, yellow and blue with a camel walking across a road in front of some mountains and an orthodox church with the earth in the sky
The masthead and article headings are hand-rendered typography created by cutting the letterforms out of acetate and using them as stencils to sponge ink over the top which I then scanned in with the intention of the rugged texture reflecting the concept.
West Side stories article first spread
West Side stories article second spread
West Side stories article third spread with header text saying full volume
West Side stories article fourth spread