Difference Not Deficit
Difference Not Deficit is a light-hearted yet emotive campaign to raise awareness for and de-stigmatize ADHD amongst parents and teachers so that fewer children are left struggling without a diagnosis and support as they progress through their lives. The concept behind this campaign is 'unlimited understanding.'
I designed a custom typeface for this project to evoke a personal, compassionate touch alongside the playful, vibrant colour palette.
Difference Not Deficit logo in white in front of an image of mum and daughter walking along a path surrounded by trees holding hands
A to Z and numbers of the Difference Not Deficit typeface
Animated purple forgetfullness character looking side to side only wearing one shoe and question marks are popping up above his head
Each character represents an ADHD symptom. There's forgetfulness, distractibility, excessive chattiness and emotional dysregulation.  These characters are a vehicle for relatability that parents may reflect aspects of their child if they have ADHD. 
(Named above then left to right)
8 Difference Not Deficit posters on a billboard surrounded by leaves
A Difference Not Deficit billboard that says 'unlimited understanding' on a main road in front of some trees
The Difference Not Deficit website homepage on a 16in Macbook Pro on a purple background